Multidimensional bank reporting


Multi-Dimensional Customer Behavior Analysis

FlowTracker data can be joined with all of the other rich information you have about customers, products, the market and your bank.
This chart illustrates some of the typical reporting dimensions where FlowTracker data illuminates new insights into behavior and performance. For example it is possible to summarize and report FlowTracker information about sales, attrition and cross-sales by branch, salesperson, territory, company, product, customer segment and so forth, provided the hierarchies defining the groupings exist within your bank's data. Because FlowTracker data is created and stored at the lowest possible level - flow event by account - it can be summarized with complete integrity on any basis that is linked to accounts.

Dimensions are limited only by your data. Standard dimensions for reporting in FlowTracker include Organization, Geography, Product and Customer Segment and Time Period.

Measures are the information FlowTracker creates in it's patented analytic process... classified money balances and flows at the instrument level. In addition to determining whether a Customer, Product or instrument status is new, lost or ongoing for the period, FlowTracker quantifies the money flowing into or out of every instrument as a flow of funds category:
  1. Opening Balance
  2. New money - this is true sales
  3. Lost money - this is true attrition
  4. Small amounts - threshold is set specifically by product and customer segment to eliminate things like amortization
  5. Intra-Account - movement between Instruments of the same product for the same customer
  6. Intra-Product - movement between Products for the same customer (shifting product preference, separates these from Product sales / attrition KPIs)
  7. Intra-Branch - movement of money from one branch to another (separates these from from branch sales / attrition KPIs)
  8. Deposit-Loan transfers - borrowing to invest or paying down loans from investments
  9. Closing Balance

By classifying flows of funds into these categories FlowTracker uniquely enables you to identify true new money sales, true lost money attrition (both including increments and decrements to existing ongoing business) and product / branch substitution flows separately.


Bank Deposits Portfolio Continuity Report: showing FlowTracker Flow of Funds Categories

Classified flows of funds



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