Sarah, Vice President Sales

Sarah manages three different sales forces, some earn commission as part of their compensation and others have unit sales, cross-selling ratio and relationship revenue goals to drive new business. Variable compensation and unit sales goals have been a successful motivator for sales staff in the past, but the bank is increasingly concerned that there appears to be a disconnect between sales volumes reported and portfolio growth that shows on the books. They're also concerned about whether goals are causing front line staff to engage in behavior that is inconsistent with the best interest of their clients.

Sarah needs to ensure the bank is getting what they are paying for, and that the right behaviors are being encouraged by the performance plans.


Problem: Sales goals based on new accounts, cross sell ratios and revenue and account growth which includes “old money” that is being moved between products and reported as sales. Unit and revenue goals are also driving front line staff to oversell products that customers may not need. Management needs goals that drive real growth - more balances - and are consistent with customer needs.
Solution: Sarah started using FlowTracker SaaS in the cloud to analyze and report on the dynamics of customer behavior. FlowTracker reports separate new money, true attrition and cross-product flows at the individual account level, balanced to changes reported in the financials. Goals are aligned to new money brought into the bank and reduction of balance attrition - customer growing relationships with whatever products meet their needs.
Outcome: Sarah initiated a re-engineering of the sales force performance management programs. She eliminated compensation on “old money” and redirected the savings into richer rewards for new money growth and retention of balances. Sales costs are flat but Sarah is now generating 50% higher ROI to the bank - without worrying that customers might be sold products they don't need.


Do you need to align sales compensation to growth? Let us show you how.



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