Felix, Vice President Deposits

Felix is running “teaser rate” campaigns to acquire new Term Deposit business. Primarily he wants to attract new money to the bank and maximize the return from his marketing investment.

Felix asked his analytics team to determine how much growth is coming from outside the bank versus internal product substitution, and how long it stays with the bank but they struggle with the complexity of mapping transaction flows across products in the bank.

After six months of detailed data analysis at a cost of $500,000, Felix still doesn’t know if he’s creating real growth or even getting a positive return on investment.


Problem: Product substitution effects cloud analysis of marketing campaign effectiveness. Felix can’t maximize his investment returns without knowing what is working and what isn’t at the individual account cash flow level so he can adjust the campaign designs.
Solution: Felix uses FlowTracker to analyze flows of funds before, during and after campaigns. FlowTracker identifies where new money is getting generated, how much is retained, and where product substitution has negative effects.
Outcome: Felix is able to quantify his ROMI from new money, retention rates and the incremental benefits of product substitution precisely for the first time. His campaigns are refocused on segments and geographies producing the most value, increasing ROMI by 20%.

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