Information you need from data you already have.

Financial Services product substitution distorts sales, cross-sales and attrition analysis by 30% or more. FlowTracker's patented analysis:

  • Measures and classifies flows of funds,
  • Analyses flows at individual client account level,
  • Reconciles completely and accurately to your financials, and
  • Uses only SIX fields of data you already have.

 Business intelligence


For the first time you can "see" portfolio movements as they really happen.

FlowTracker also creates an entirely new set of customer behavior event data that enables you to

  • Target what really matters (sales, cross-sales, attrition) free from the "noise" of product substitution,
  • Include behavior events in your predictive models, and
  • Observe, understand and act on changes in customer behavior.



  • Trusted metrics that fully reconcile to your Bank's Financials

    Measure what you manage ! Money in motion is THE driver of bank growth. For decades banks have been struggling to overcome the challenges of legacy systems that impede simple, meaningful and critical information about business performance. At the root of all bank growth are three drivers - Sales, Cross-sales and Attrition. It has long been known that these are the keys

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  • Portfolio analytics delivered on your device of choice

    Any platform any time FlowTracker comes with 75 pre-built report visualizations powered by Microsoft's Power BI services. Or you can use Tableau, Qlik, Microstrategy, Business Objects, SAS or any other tool you prefer.    

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  • Intuitive Business Intelligence for bankers designed by bankers

    Multi-Dimensional Customer Behavior Analysis FlowTracker data can be joined with all of the other rich information you have about customers, products, the market and your bank. This chart illustrates some of the typical reporting dimensions where FlowTracker data illuminates new insights into behavior and performance. For example it is possible to summarize and report FlowTracker information about sales, attrition and

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  • Modern technology architecture for simple and fast integration

    Services Oriented Architecture components enable "Bolt-On" extension of your capabilities without disruption Minimal data requirements Flexible interface connections - including the CUFX standards for Credit Unions Easily tailored to you product catalogue and organization hierarchies SaaS service is independent of your core processing platform and systems All of this adds up to minimization of cost, time and effort. FlowTracker can be

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