FlowTracker Appliance  APPLIANCE - Everything you need in a stand-alone machine

FlowTracker Bank Customer Analytics Appliance includes the software, middleware and hardware optimised to enable the fastest possible deployment. Plug it in, configure the settings, feed it data and use the FlowTracker BI component to analyze results. Real time fail-over and backup machines can be added to ensure 24-7-365 availability if you require it. If your appliance ever fails, call us and we will send you a replacement... so easy !

Advantages: Simplicity, fast time to value

Disadvantages: If your team has strong need to control middleware and hardware selection choices this is not for you.

   Installed at your bank SITE LICENSE -  Buy the software, run in your data center.

The most flexible option... ideal for mid to large size Banks with established data centers and mature data management capabilities.

Advantages: Complete control over hardware configuration, services and data security, since they are all in-house.

Disadvantages: Your team assumes responsibility for maintenance of HW and middleware.

  SaasCLOUD SAAS - Rent the software and run in the cloud.

 The most economical option... ideal for small to midsize banks with less mature information management capabilities. Essentially the entire processing capability is hosted in the cloud and data is sent to and received back from a cloud hardware and software installation. Data is physically transported over networks to remote data stores so data encryption and masking procedures are required.

Advantages: Completely scalable subscription based service, excellent economics.

Disadvantages: Data security practices must be enforced to ensure no Personally Identifiable, Sensitive Personal or Business information is exposed to vulnerabilities. This can be achieved simply by masking SPI and PII data and applying encryption transformations to sensitive data such as Transit and Instrument numbers.

Or send us your data through secure FTP and have us do the work for you !


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