SOA Architecture Components


Services Oriented Architecture components enable "Bolt-On" extension of your capabilities without disruption

FlowTracker was designed from the very beginning to resolve a specific information challenge faced by banks, with an absolute minimum of effort.

This design principle drove our decisions from the initial logical design through to the selection of programming languages. We have made every effort to ensure that FlowTracker can be implemented into your bank's existing infrastructure with as little effort as possible.

For example, the data requirements for FlowTracker are minimal, to ensure rapid deployment in even the most complex data environments. If your bank has a data mart, a data warehouse or customer information file of virtually any design, it will likely contain the data that is needed to run FlowTracker already. You simply extract the data from your sources in a standard format and FlowTracker does the rest.

Similarly we designed the business rules and product hierarchy functionality of the FlowTracker solution with no presets other than that some products are deposits and others are loans (certainly not a big restriction!). Every other aspect of product definition and business rule construction is 100% tailored to your bank's conventions. Call your products, organization units and hierarchy levels what you like. Our design is universal and easily configured to adapt to the specific conventions your people are already used to.

To ensure that FlowTracker works in your physical environments we chose to construct the solution using platform-independent tools so FlowTracker will run within the technical environment you are already supporting. Or if you prefer us to host your application or run in a private or hybrid cloud environment we are ready to do that for you too... our approach is completely in synch with the latest technology management approaches.

All of this adds up to minimization of cost, time and effort required to deploy FlowTracker in your bank. FlowTracker can be up and running in as little as a few weeks in your bank.


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