We want every bank in the world to have access to FlowTracker.

We believe precise and verifiable sales, attrition and cross-sales information is essential to the efficient and effective management of Financial Institutions everywhere. With that objective in mind, we offer flexible pricing practices designed to enable banks of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of FlowTracker.

We also believe in honesty, fairness and transparency in all our relationships, so we proudly disclose our pricing principles:

  • Our mission is to bring FlowTracker to every bank in the world.
  • We will work with you to find the solution that makes the best sense for your business.
  • The benefits of FlowTracker vary with scale, so our first pricing principle is smaller bank = smaller price.
  • Our cost of delivery varies with client capabilities, delivery method and location, so these costs must be recovered from our clients.

To discuss the specific arrangements that will work for your Bank please contact us ... we will be delighted to guide you to the right platform at the right price for your needs.

Questions? Please contact us