The reports below are live interactive business intelligence visualizations enabled by FlowTracker.

What you see is the actual customer behavior of 50,000 customers of a Regional US Bank (masked to preserve anonymity of course).

Each page shows multidimensional, full interactive visualizations of a subject area of customer behavior analysis. This enables business executives and managers to quickly and easily get insight into who, what, where and when customers engaged in pure sales (new money), attrition (lost money), product substitution and cross sales (new money in new products.

Reports are fully interactive, and responsive to selections. For example if you click on a chart bar or box in a report, the entire page zooms to that focus. You can drill down and up hierarchically (top left arrows) or selectively (top right arrow) in all charts but the overview.

These 75 visualizations are available out of the box from FlowTracker Analytics, powered by Microsoft's Power BI cloud service. These and other reports can be recreated from FlowTracker  using any modern BI tool such as Tableau, Qlik, Birst, Domo, JasperSoft, Cognos, Business Objects, Crystal Reports....

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