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FlowTracker derives flow of funds information from account balances, exposing opportunities for cost savings and revenue growth.


It addresses several essential business problems that occur in any business where product substitution is significant, and no other industry has more product substitution than Financial Services. The challenge is separating "the wheat from the chaff" when looking at customer behaviour. There is a profound difference between new money sales, cross-sales and attition and product substitution. Yet if your FI is typical you have no way to measure this core performance management information.

We solve that problem completely and precisely with FlowTracker. Using our patented system and method of analysis, we enable you to measure these flows as separate categories, fully explaining the changes in your portfolio over time right down to the level of individual client accounts. And the numbers reconcile completely and accurately to your financials, eliminating the "my numbers are different" conversations you have undoubtedly suffered through at the executive meeting table.

For the first time you can "see" portfolio movements as they really happen.

FlowTracker also creates an entirely new set of customer behaviour event data that enables you to target what really matters (sales, cross-sales, attrition) free from the "noise" of product substitution. The same event data are also available to be used as predictors in your models. This is data you have never had before that represents decisions clients have made about their money. Coupled with other variable you likely already use (demographic, psychographic and interaction data) your models - and marketing ROI - can be 30-50% better.

But the benefits of FlowTracker do not end there. Since FlowTracker provides authoritative metrics that tie to the Financials,  Finance can use the data it produces as a basis for Management KPIs and compensation programs. The classic challenges of removing product and branch substitution from KPIs is solved, enabling you to measure performance on true new and lost business - which we believe is the right thing to focus on.

Even your Treasury and Risk  groups can leverage FlowTracker data to identify changes in the liquidity profile of your clients. Shifts across term structures and duration of instruments lends insight into flight risks and repricing risks at a level of grain never before available.


If your Sales, Marketing, Finance, Treasury and Risk managers want to understand how money is in motion within your portfolios, your bank needs FlowTracker.

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