Our first go-to-market solution is FlowTracker. We are introducing FlowTracker first because it is unique and different from any other application in the marketplace, and it put in place the components of the solution architecture that will be re-used by other applications as we extend our portfolio of solutions.

Each of our solutions will be available as cloud services or local installations, to suit different needs in the marketplace.

Product roadmap


The next offering we are bringing to market is Customer Profitability measurement and management. Our deep expertise in the design and implementation of Customer Profitability solutions gained in over 20 years of work globally in this domain positions us to create an optimized design with key features every Financial Institution needs (and most don't have):

  • Manage calculation rules without having to write code
  • Manage mapping and grouping tables directly through user interfaces
  • Execute on demand for Relationship Manager, Branch Manager and Individual customer level scenarios
  • Enable General Ledger Reconciliation and adjustments
  • Provide secure web and mobile access

Our next step is to combine the power of FlowTracker and Customer Profitability to enable your Financial Institution to "see" flows of profitability - a new dimension in management information. Being able to measure Marketing and Sales ROI effectively requires both components - the ability to measure flows precisely and the ability to measure the value of incremental and substituted products and services that result from customer behavior.

Establishing flows of profitability lays the foundation for Price Optimization analytics. Many banks are using this form of analytics today usually at a customer cohort level. We are planning to partner with an established vendor in the Price Optimization space because there are good products already in-market, but they lack the ability to deal effectively with product substitution behavior. FlowTracker overcomes this challenge, and we see PO as a natural step on our journey to creating the world's best bank revenue management capabilities.



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