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Dave McNab

We are a collaborative team of experts who collectively bring deep domain knowledge of Business, Technology and Implementation to define, develop and deploy solutions to essential business problems. Our focus is on identifying and quantifying customer behaviour, then using those customer insights to increase profitable sales, cross-sales, and retention.

Over the last 30 years, our leadership team has worked in Financial Services and Information Technology management and consulting roles. In the course of our individual journeys, we have converged on a consensus point of view on where customer analytics has been coming from and where it is going. We believe that customer behaviour analytics is in the early stages of development: many key challenges remain to be solved. 

So we have assembled the right people with the right skills and experience to identify and create solutions to real business problems in the emerging customer behaviour analytics space. What matters to your business is what drives us. 

In the early 1990s, Dave started building business analytics capabilities within a Financial Institution in his capacity of Director Financial Systems and Controller of Retail Banking, Trust and Investment. He developed world-leading expertise in the measurement and management of Customer Profitability and went on to provide that expertise to IBM, Teradata and clients around the globe through his successful consulting practice. Dave saw a clear need for adding the dimension of time to customer behaviour analytics, and this insight was what drove him to develop and patent the FlowTracker method of measuring flows of customer business. His vision continues to expand and this is reflected in our offering roadmap.

Our current roadmap for solutions is designed to build a set of harmonious customer insight capabilities to market in a logical and sustainable fashion. And we are delivering these capabilities to Industry with choice - from a pure cloud service to a local install and all web and mobile ready. No legacy burden is present in our solution architecture.

First we are bringing FlowTracker to market. It is a patented method, system and solution to the age-old challenge of explicitly identifying and measuring product substitution separately from incremental cross-sales, new money sales and true attrition. The urgency behind this solution is obvious: 30% of account growth and diminishment is really product substitution, and the best predictive models in the world will be wrong 30% of the time if these flows are included in the target customer behaviour that is being modeled.

Next we are developing our deep expertise in Customer Profitability measurement solutions into a commercial platform. We have worked with leading vendors around the world and know their approaches. Our approach is different - we are creating a completely modular "bolt-on" solution - enabling a rapid swap-in of a truly optimal tool for the job or a ground zero implementation with ease and simplicity.

Combining FlowTracker with Customer Profitability creates an entirely new analytics space - the flow of value. This is really what sales metrics should be all about in a Financial Institution and it will enable you to see value creation and destruction as it occurs through sales, cross-sales and attrition like never before.

And so we continue into the future.... we have more concepts in the pipeline and can't wait to bring them to you.



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